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Leve Kanpe Medium Roast - Ground 5lb Coffee

Leve Kanpe Medium Roast - Ground 5lb Coffee


Joyhouse Coffee Company's Leve Kanpe Blend is the perfect medium roast naturally caffeinated coffee. The notes of honey and brown sugar dance together, creating a well-balanced flavor profile any coffee lover will enjoy. The story goes beyond the cup with this fair trade brew, sustainably sourced from Haiti. When you choose Joyhouse, you help support spreading the Gospel, job programs, healthcare, nutrition, and education. Enjoy each morning for a quiet way to start the day, or share with a friend. 


Roast: Medium Roast Ground Coffee, sustainably sourced from Haiti.


Flavor: It's hard to describe what a cup of joy tastes like, but we'll do our best. Remember when you got your driver's license and drove for the first time on your own; completely independent, full control of the music and destination, with only yourself your answer to? Our Leve Kanpe Blend, Medium Roast feels just like that. Medium-bodied, energetic flavor, ready to help you take on the day.


Plays Well With Others: Whether you take your coffee in its natural state or choose to jazz it up with sugar and cream, our Leve Kanpe blend is the perfect canvas for your creativity.

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