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Rise Up. Choose Joy

Rise Up — Each of us can rise up and make a difference in our community and world. At Joyhouse it starts with a cup of coffee.

Choose Joy  Joy transcends circumstances. It's bigger than happiness. From providing jobs, to caring fororphans, to educating children, and spreading the gospel of Christ, your cup of JoyHouse Coffee helps others choose joy.

About Joyhouse

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Our model is simple.


  1. Partnering with growers and producers in Haiti

  2. Employing skilled workers in the sustainable jobs related to coffee

  3. Buying at or above fair trade

  4. Exporting and selling in United States

  5. Returning a portion of profits to Haiti to fund humanitarian and mission causes

The Coffee

Haiti was once a robust exporter of coffee around the world. Today, a very small portion of the nation’s crop ever leaves the island. Together, we can change that. Haitian coffee farms sit on fertile soils within mountainous landscapes, creating smooth blends grown at high altitudes. 


The low-acid Joyhouse Dark Roast has hints of vanilla and chocolate, offering a rich flavor and bold experience, with hints of honey and brown sugar.The Leve Kanpe Medium Roast is smooth and balanced making this a go-to everyday cup of coffee.


And for the coffee aficionados out there, we have routinely been told that Joyhouse makes the perfect daily coffee.

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